Pamela Seelig

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Finding The Guide Within

The case for meditating has become so strong that the question should now be, “why aren’t we all meditating?” We know that it reduces stress, increases immunity, increases overall well-being, slows the aging process, reduces anxiety and depression, and the list goes on. However, even knowing this, we may still welcome a more personal motivation to sit on our cushion.


One such motivation may be the desire to tap into our inner guidance. At some point, we all need help and support. Even the most independent among us, after exhausting all external options, eventually turn inward for answers. Seeking help within can provide astonishing revelations or just reinforce good common sense.


Practicing meditation acquaints and familiarizes us with our inner landscape. It opens the doorway to wisdom beyond the mind. The mind functions primarily by habit, thinking the same thoughts or type of thoughts, over and over. When the mental activity slows or moves to the periphery, a new world can open up. 


When facing a choice, a dilemma, or a confusing situation, this new world can provide us with specific guidance. Such guidance can take many forms, such as a visual picture or vision or possibly an intense, visceral feeling in the body. It can also show up blatantly as an inner conversation with a spirit guide or as a pertinent memory that floats up into our awareness.


Meditation blurs the line between the conscious and subconscious minds, between this realm and others. Meditating expands our awareness and our access. When we tap into our expanded selves, we can direct our lives from a deeper place. We feel our connection to the universe or to All That Is. With this connection, we can sense the power of the universe behind us and supporting us. We know that we are not alone.


Scientific research confirms myriad benefits of meditation, but many of those benefits are subtle, personal, spiritual, and below the radar of science. Those benefits, however, may be the most potent and life-transformative qualities of meditation.  So….let’s all meditate! To get started, check out my upcoming classes on or look for opportunities convenient and available to you.