Pamela Seelig

Author of Threads of Yoga

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"This book of meditations and refections on yogic wisdom is an excellent starting point for anyone new to the spiritual side of yoga—and for teachers wanting to share thought-provoking insights.” — Yoga Journal

"Threads of Yoga is an exceptionally useful guide and is ideal for yoga teachers and practitioners who want to connect with the spiritual wisdom of yoga and deepen their yoga experience. It is recommended for readers who yearn for a closer connection with yoga or are just interested in yoga’s more spiritual teachings." — SA Examiner

"What I like best about this book is that Seelig informs my thinking. She reminds us of the vulnerability we all face and shares how life is ever-changing. She lets us know that by addressing difficult emotional and psychological, or social issues, we can find a more harmonious or focused state.” — Lori’s Book Loft

"I loved reading this book. I devoured every chapter, page, paragraph, sentence, and word...There are so many valuable nuggets within this book, I suggest buying your own personal copy and mark it up as you read – mark it with Post-it flags, highlighters, and penciled-in notes. Then read it again.” — Margo Kelly

"There are exercises to help you become more mindful and proficient at yoga so your entire life can reap the rewards. I enjoyed it and believe you will too." 
— Bookpleasures

"Whether you practice yoga like a pro, are a seasoned yoga teacher, or just starting yoga, Threads of Yoga: Themes, Reflections, and Meditations to Weave into Your Practice by Pamela Seelig is a wondrous guide to the inner magic yoga can offer not only to your body but to your spirit and soul. The perception that yoga is all about physical expression and poses tells half the story, and this lovely book is chock full of spiritual prompts and inspiration to take your yoga journey to new places. Seelig offers insight into the actual meaning and wisdom of yoga, offering themes, reflections, and meditations that bring together the physical embodiment with the spiritual intention. Anyone who wishes to learn the true meaning of peace and serenity will find a clear guided path in this book."  -CaregiverWarrior