Pamela Seelig

Author of Threads of Yoga

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Is It Morning Yet?

Is it just me, or does it feel like morning? While some have had a much harder night than others, I’m hopeful that this groggy sense of waking up signals a genuine shift. The world has changed. I guess it always changes, but not at the speed of 2020. It was a lot, and the reverberations are continuing. 


We witnessed firsthand the truth that we are all connected, a fact that the coronavirus exploited with deadly speed. The virus may have appreciated our oneness, but it seems that we became even more divided in many ways. Fear can do that. Our human minds like to pick a side so that we feel safe or even superior. Politics turned aggressive, like an unhealthy sports competition.


But if we take a minute, maybe a deep breath, we see that we don’t always need to pick a side. It’s ok to relax the white-knuckle grip on our opinions and be open to learning. We can contemplate our own knee-jerk reactions and attitudes with curiosity. Are we acting out of fear or love? It’s ok to be afraid, but we should realize when we are adding to the negativity in the world. Most of us probably don’t want to make matters worse. 


Yoga and meditation can help us to recognize our unhealthy thinking. When we meditate, it’s like stepping out of our thoughts and observing them from the outside. The emotional charge of the ego subsides, and we can be objective and neutral as we witness our inner chatter.


This may not provide the adrenaline jolt of being right or being angry, but it can lead to growth and ultimately more peace and happiness. We all have unique perspectives and beliefs that are based on a multitude of circumstances. But in this new day, this new time, let’s not cling so tightly to our beliefs and use them as weapons. Instead, why not strive to be peaceful and open and bring our compassionate awareness to this new day?


To help view your own inner chatter try this “witnessing” guided meditation.


And thanks for reading!