Pamela Seelig

Author of Threads of Yoga

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Be More You In 2020!

It’s a New Year and we’ve heard plenty about fresh starts and resolutions.  While it’s commendable to seek improvement, we know, and science confirms, that New Year resolutions just don’t stick.  Most resolutions eventually become painful and cause feelings of failure.  So, how about a different approach?

What if this year you don’t try to change anything, but instead resolve to bring more “You” into the world?  Wait, don’t stop reading!  Let me explain.

We are all unique, creative beings.  However, our creative energy can feel zapped due to fast-paced, modern living.  We forget that our outer, worldly life should be directed by the quiet inner voice within.  Remember that voice?

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the ancient, foundational yogic text states that by quieting the mind:

“the seer abides in her true nature”

Sutra 3, book 1

Yoga teaches how to get quiet and connect with deeper aspects of you.  In contrast, our culture supports a hurried and externally-focused lifestyle.  If we don’t consciously make time for balance between the outer and inner life, we can easily be swept away by the “busy-ness” of the world.

In 2020, give yourself permission to delve into pursuits such as journaling, taking walks, daydreaming, or whatever you’re drawn to.  When the body and mind are relaxed and quiet, you’ll remember what ignites your spirit and brings you joy. Prioritize what you’re passionate about and then share those authentic parts of You with friends, family and the world.    

So, here’s to making time for imagination, exploration, and honoring the quiet, inner life.  Happy New Year sharing more of the perfectly unique You in 2020!